SMART Money Pasa Pera - Mobile to Mobile Cash Transfer

You can now easily send money using your cell phone with the help of SMART Money Pasa Pera, your mobile-to-mobile cash transfer system.

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It's easy! You can send to any SMART or Talk 'N Text mobile number. This means you can connect to over 45 million subscribers nationwide.

You can do "Pasa Pera" using the SMART Menu:

Step 1 - Choose SMART Money
Step 2 - Choose Transfer
Step 3 - Choose Others

Step 4 - Enter the 11-digit cell phone number (SMART mobile number) of the person you wish to send money to.

NOTE: If all you see is "Enter Card Number" in your screen (and you don't see Enter Mobile Number), please text TRANSFER MENU to 343

Step 5 - Press OK (in response to the "Transfer from" message)
Step 6 - Choose the source of your funds (e.g., SMART Money 1, SMART Money 2)
Step 7 - Type in the amount you wish to transfer (in Pesos)
Step 8 - Press OK (in response to the Confirmation Message)
Step 9 - Type in your 6-digit W-PIN
Step 10 - Read the next confirmation message

How To Encash Money at the SMART Wireless Center

Step 1 - Save the incoming SMS text message which begins with "Money was transfered to your Smart Money Account No. 52996700xxxx

Step 2 - Go to the nearest SMART Wireless Center and present your SMART Money Account Number, a valid ID, and encash your PASA PERA with the cashier.

Step 3 - Get a SMART Money Card

What you can do with SMART Money

a) You can do PASA PERA (mobile-to-mobile money transfer)
b) You can reload your SMART prepaid SIM
c) You can pay your bills via SMART MONEY
d) You can shop in MasterCard-accredited establishments worldwide
e) You can withdraw funds from the ATM

I'll go give SMART Pasa Pera a whirl in the coming days...

[ First posted on 10/20/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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