First Vita Plus Tip #7

Are you distributor of First Vita Plus? Here's marketing Tip #7 for you.

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Please stop over-marketing First Vita Plus (FVP).

If you have grown depressed over the many people who have rejected you, then please realize that people you corner are usually not looking for FVP. They're looking for something else.

(Of course, those who are looking for solutions to their health problems are an altogether different issue. But if you're trying to make money in network marketing or MLM, then please remember that other business-minded people are not looking specifically for FVP or whatever product your latest network marketing company in the Philippines is offering.)

So, what are people looking for? Yes, they are searching for solutions on how to make money.

Take note, it's not how to sell First Vita Plus. It's how to earn money.

When you consider that point of view, then you can use FVP as a way to help others make money. But this comes much later. This comes only after you have shown them a solution. And if they want the whole package, then you can ask them to sign up as a First Vita Plus distributor.

Do you see the difference?

Instead of vita plus this, or vita plus that, it's: Business Solution this, Business Solution that.

In other words, please set aside (for the moment) your First Vita Plus power pack and ask yourself: What kind of financial solution can you provide to other people? What business approach (other than selling FVP products) can you show others, so that they will be able to make money also?

I hope that helps spark marketing ideas in your head, that will help you increase your value to others as well as attract potential customers and business partners to you.

I wish you success in your network marketing or MLM business. Remember to stay focused, particularly on the things that matter. :-)

[ First posted on 05/18/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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