Wi-Tribe 4G WiMax

Read in the papers about Wi-Tribe Philippines, a 4G wireless internet broadband service provider.

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They're quite new, so it would be better to get in touch with them by calling 31-TRIBE (or 31-87423). I visited their website at http://wi-tribe.ph, but didn't find any data yet about costs or subscription packages.

Saw in Edwin Soriano's Wi-Tribe: Wi've got WiMax via Liberty a P999 offering for 2Mbps. I wonder what the upload speed will be (I hope it will be at least 512Kbps), and if this service will be great for webinar hosts.

Wi-Tribe has a presence in Jordan and Pakistan, and is rolling out in the Philippines in 2010. I hope our experience here in Manila will not be similar to someone (in Pakistan?) who blogged Why does wi-tribe connection shut off on the first of every month? [It's not clear, though, how many times the blogger experienced this.]

In the Philippines, wi-tribe is backed by San Miguel Corporation and the QTel Group (one of the largest telcos in the world, helping 57 million people avail of mobile and broadband services).

I wish they had sign-up centers in malls. That would make it convenient to subscribe to their service. I called up 31-TRIBE, and the line got connected and was transferred, but the people manning the phones apparently were not aware of the incoming connection.

That's why I could hear what they were saying to other people. Mostly about going to the website to find out where the different wi-tribe shop locations are.

I said "hello" several times, but they couldn't hear me. Will just call again next time.

Looks like the most convenient shop to visit is at:

San Miguel Property Center
7 St. Francis Street, Ortigas Avenue (in front of EDSA Shangri-La)
Open Monday - Friday, 9:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.

If you want to know if your area is covered by the wi-tribe service, please fill up the Coverage Inquiry Form at their website. It would've been more convenient if they simply publish the areas covered. Afterall, it is the web and online publishing is quite easy. Then again, they may have their reasons.

Have you tried the wi-tribe 4G broadband internet service in the Philippines?

[ First posted on 01/31/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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