First Vita Plus Training

FVP dealers are looking for First Vita Plus mentoring or training online.

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That's why some people are organizing training materials that new FVP dealers can access on the web, to help you save on time, gas, and other transportation costs.

Here are some training objectives of the online tutorials.

By the end of the series of First Vita Plus training modules, new dealers and network marketing or MLM practitioners will be able to do the following:

1. State the important rules governing your FVP Dealership.

2. Correctly fill-up the First Vita Plus Dealer Registration Form.

3. Explain the mechanics of the FVP compensation plan.

4. State when commission checks may be claimed from the FVP main office.

5. Identify the different personality types of customers (i.e, consumers, aspiring dealers).

6. Establish rapport with different types of people.

7. Persuasively communicate with different kinds of personalities (what to say, and when).

8. Give examples of effective words and phrases.

9. Apply the principles of communication (i.e., written word, public speaking).

10. Write persuasive letters.

11. State the secret of modern network marketing success.

12. Create a blog (publish online).

13. Produce content that ranks high in the search engines (so people find what you wrote).

14. Publish content that people will want to read over and over.

15. Define, explain, and create a system where interested future dealers seek you, rather than you chasing after them.

16. State and apply the principles of internet marketing in multilevel marketing or MLM.

17. Explain and create effective (and profitable) webpages.

18. State and apply the principles and techniques of Article Marketing.

19. State and apply the principles of web copywriting.

20. State and apply the principles and techniques of multimedia and Video Marketing.

21. Other modules... To Be Announced.

With the worsening traffic situation, it truly makes sense to maximize the power of the internet to transfer knowledge and empower people to make full use of e-learning or distance education. This form of training can be applied in various industries, particularly in the network marketing arena with highly profitable results.

If you're interested in this form of online training, please let us know. Thanks!

[ First posted on 12/06/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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