Barbie Dream House

Imagine your child quietly playing with this fantastic Christmas gift: a Barbie Dream House!

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Yes, toy manufacturers have come a long way from the old tiny dollhouses that open left and right. Nowadays, you even have a Barbie 3-story dream house playset.

The number one reason why so many parents love this toy is that it allows their young children to quietly engage in play. Their young daughters let their imagination roam free while they quietly go about furnishing their toy dreamhouse.

Did you catch the number one benefit? QUIET play.

When moms are busy with work, family, relatives, and all the things that seem to happen all at the same time once the Christmas season draws near, you can imagine how noisy the house suddenly becomes once you have children competing for your attention.

And that's where the Barbie Dream House comes in. Your daughter will absolutely love it, especially since it comes in what probably may be the favorite color of practically every young girl: pink.

Now that Barbie is turning 50 years old, what will you find in the 3-story dream house?

  • Wall-mounted flat screen
  • Washer/dryer
  • Circular stairs / stairwell
  • Bathtub

The third level looks more like an attic. It's not as wide as the lower two floors.

So congratulations to Barbie on her golden year, and to all the moms worldwide who will enjoy some peace and quiet this Christmas... unless your daughter insists you join her as she plays with her new Barbie Dream House. Which isn't really such a bad thing, right? :-)

[ First posted on 11/07/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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