Number Coding in Pasig

The Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction Program (or Number Coding) is now being implemented in Pasig City.

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If you've gotten used to freedom from number coding in Pasig City, try to shake off that habit. While implementation started a few days ago, this was done in softlaunch mode. This means no apprehensions were made, but an all-out info drive was conducted to give motorists enough time to get used to the new directive.

The number coding program in Pasig City will be implemented from 7am to 9am, and from 4pm to 7pm (Mondays to Fridays). This means the "window" will be from 9:01am to 3:59pm (in Quezon City, the number coding free window is from 10am to 3pm).

Here is a list of the ending numbers of car plates, and the restricted days:

1 & 2 - Mondays
3 & 4 - Tuesdays
5 & 6 - Wednesdays
7 & 8 - Thursdays
9 & 0 - Fridays

The Pasig City Council will announce at a future date the full implementation of the program. When that happens, drivers violating the number coding system will be apprehended.

(So many passive sentences in this blog post...)

[ First posted on 08/15/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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