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Do you want to easily see if your computer has spyware or adware?

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You can easily check using a free scan that goes through the registry of your PC.

When you use your computer, Windows will keep a record or log of the programs you ran, including whatever changes happen. All these are tracked in your computer's registry, which is something like a notebook that lists all the to-do tasks it has to do.

Eventually, that notebook gets filled up, and your computer slows down. That's why you need a registry cleaner.

Sometimes, it's not just viruses that slow your computer to a crawl. You might be surprised but your virus-free computer (specificially, the registry) might simply need a bit of spring cleaning. Before you jump to the conclusion that your PC is filled with adware, spyware, or spambot traps, you might wish to first check if there are simply too many logs.

Registry cleaners check those logs and remove the unnecessary data. This helps free up space in your hard disk, and also helps our computer work more efficiently because it no longer has to read through log files that are not needed.

But what if your registry is all right? Registry cleaners also have another function: they remove spyware, malware and other forms of adware from your system. A registry cleaner also fixes errors and removes bugs that may sometimes appear in your PC.

Typically, such cleaners will first scan your system, present a list of recommended actions to take, offer you to back-up your registry files, and then (if you choose to) perform the registry clean-up.

If you remember uninstalling several programs in the past, there is a possibility the de-installation process was not completed. Registry cleaners are able to detect this, and will help remove all the files that truly have to be removed. As a result, programs you un-install from your hard disk are completely and cleanly removed, and this helps your computer perform faster.

What are you waiting for? Say goodbye to crashes. Check out the Registry Cleaner Free Trial today!

[ First posted on 08/04/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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