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A lot of Filipinos have been excitedly asking: "How can I make money online?" and they eagerly attend various internet marketing seminars sprouting all over the Philippines.

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Some are even curious and would like to know what is the first step to earning from the internet. Well, without going into the technical details, I would say that the first thing you need to have in your online business journey is... content.

Most of the successful internet business models begin with content, whether this is in the form of text, audio, video, PDF ebooks, downloadable MP3s, coaching, teleseminars or webinars, articles, distance education training delivered via email autoresponders, online membership sites that drip feed information over a period of time...

The point is, you need to have content.

Whether you create this content yourself, outsource the product creation process to others, or go out and purchase ready-made infoproducts that come with private label rights, reseller rights, or master resale rights there is no escaping the fact that you need to first have content.

You can worry about traffic later. The key is to go out there and publish something. Put your content online. Act today and never let fear and what-if's hold you back.

Most people are paralyzed and just end up sitting down or watching TV, because they are afraid that no one will visit their website. They are worried about how they can attract an audience. They are all too familiar with the reality that just because you build something on the web, there's no guarantee that people will come.

Just for today, focus on creating something or publishing content first. Worry about the traffic later. Obsess over how to get more visitors to your blog weeks from now. In the meantime, just think of posting something online.

And if you're not up to it, then go and find a friend or a partner who can help you. Then let me know if you are still interested in finding out how some bloggers are able to make money online.

[ First posted on 06/09/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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