Market Samurai

Market Samurai is an automated way of doing keyword research, and more.

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Usually, people who want to make money online write about profitable niche topics which attract people whom advertisers want to reach. The thing is, the manual way of finding out what those high-demand, profitable keywords are is quite time-consuming.

An added task is finding out how many other people are also competing for those very same keywords, and if it will be worth your time to write about highly competitive terms. Well, Market Samurai aims to help you with keyword research, plus a number of other tasks.

For example, MS will help you attain fash search engine rankings by revealing "weak" markets (SEO Competition module). Market Samurai will also help you find content by researching existing articles online. In terms of promoting your websites or blogs, MS helps you discover link-building opportunities and merge these with high-quality pingbak link-building techniques.

Also in the works are modules which help you:

  • Publish Content
  • Monetize Content
  • Use Adwords
  • Plus... a "Mystery Feature"

One thing which makes me wary about Market Samurai are the warning messages that pop up when you first install the program. It uses Adobe AIR and the warnings state that you'll end up giving the program unrestricted to the system files of your hard disk. Yikes. Anyway, let's see what happens.

(Kids, don't try this at home.)

Will Market Samurai truly live up to its promise? Or will this be just another scam? Only time will tell...

[ First posted on 05/31/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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