Membership Blueprints

John and Matt Rhodes launch Membership Blueprints where they share exactly how they make at least US$11,000 monthly in membership revenues.

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Yes, it is yet another way to make money online. While some people have tried affiliate marketing (where they earn commissions from referring people to various products and services online), online advertising (for those keen on earning a passive income), or even selling their own infoproducts in the form of downloadable PDF ebooks, MP3 audio files, or even video, some are trying out the concept of Membership Sites.

You can combine different types of information, and instead of packaging all of these into a single ebook, you can make these available in a password-protected site which is accessible to members. These members pay you a monthly subscription access fee, and that's how you earn a monthly recurring income.

Anyway, the Rhodes Brothers have prepared four modules in their Membership Blueprints service:

Module 1 (Type I Memberships): Autopilot memberships. I'm guessing this involves using an email autoresponder which informs your members (by installment) where they can get the "Lesson of the Moment" every X number of days.

Module 2 (Type II Memberships): How to convert forums and/or blogs into password-protected membership sites. Includes accepting payments and managing those paid customers.

Module 3 (Type III Memberships): You'll view a video that shows you how to create a simple password-protected site. Some software or scripts are available in the market to help you do this.

Module 4 (Type IV Memberships): The Rhodes brothers talk about transforming your membership site into a "reseller membership."

But I'm curious... Do you have info that you would like to distribute online in the form of a membership site? If you're interested in setting one up yourself, please let me know. I have a feeling that only a few people are interested in making money online this way. Then again, there might be hundreds of you.

The technical part of setting-up membership sites is quite easy. Creating (or outsourcing) the content for the site is more challenging. But the toughest cookie to crack is the marketing aspect of your sites. Without adequate marketing, you will not get enough sign-ups.

Anyway, please let me know if you want tutorials on how to create your membership club online. And if enough people are interested... :-)

[ First posted on 03/29/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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