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People have been asking about the South Lake Village at Eton City in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

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And here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about the man-made lake and other aspects of the island lots.

1. Will the water be a breeding ground for mosquitoes?

The water in the lake will be flowing, which will make it unsuitable for mosquitoes to breed since mosquitos breeed in stagnant water. Aside from the inflow and outflow system that we will be establishing in the lake, we will also have aerators and water fountain, which will also ensure the flow of water in the lake.

Also, we will be putting fish in the lake, and the fish will eat any mosquito larvae that will be present in the water.

2. Will the development be prone to flooding, especially during typhoons?

The development is provided with proper drainage system for both the Residential subdivision and the lake. The lots and roads have a seperate drainage system which prevents rain water from the land to run into the lake, and the lake has its own drainage system which prevents lake water from overflowing nto the lots. The villages are elevated with the same height as the SLEX and are designed with the cnsideration of a 50 year flood protection.

3. How will the possibility of an overflow be addressed?

The lake will have a maximum water level after which excess water wil be drained via side drainage overflow system. This will flow to the main drainage line, on the lake bridge, thru the waterfalls feature of the bridge, and to the existing creek. There will also be a separate drainange system for the lake and for the roads, which wil ensure that the village will not flood even during heavy rains.

4. Won't the river water be a source of pollution?

Pollution of the lake from the river water source is prevented by the detention pond which filters the water before letting it in the main lake. Domestic waste from the vilage structures and houses are prevented from contaminating the lake water by proper sewerage system.

5. How will the accumulation of too much algae be prevented?

The flow of the lake water prevents the accumulation of too much algae although some may be present due to existence of marine life on the lake ( algae provide food to fish). One way to prevent algae proliferation is to introduce oxygen to the water, which is one of the reasons why there will be lake aeration devices and water fountains in South Lake Village.

6. How will you ensure that the water in the lake will be flowing?

The flow of water throughout the lake is promoted by providing a regular drainage and replenishment of lake water from different water sources. Water channels under the land bridges connecting the islands allow water to flow freely and prevent it from being stagnant.

7. Will there be a garbage disposal policy?

Proper garbage disposal shall be provided by the village administration.

8. Will the erosion of the island and lakeside lots occur?

Erosion of Island and Lakeside Lots are prevented because lots will be engineered fill and compacted. The lakeside will also be protected by a lake liner, earth fil, rock layers, sand and some vegetation, which wil also help in the prevention of erosion since these layers will be the barriers between the lots and the lake.

Other concerns to follow on my next update. With regards to the South Lake Village project, more islands we're shaped and flagged with their respective names. Tracing of other islands wil soon be made. The Entrance of the South Lake Village has been lined for the road path going to the village rotonda.

Meanwhile, The Eton City office will finish its construction on the 3rd quarter of the 2009. All transaction made within Eton City will be handled in the office. Scale models and sales agents will be available at the site to assist interested buyers. The site will also have the available scale models and development plans of what will be expected in the future.

For more queries and a detailed presentation with regards to the engineering works and technicalities in the development, the Account Manager will be will ing to assist you with regards to the timeline and specifications of this future community.

These helpful explanations are brought to you by Mr. Paolo Flores, a responsive and customer-friendly Account Manager at Eton Properties Philippines. He is more than happy to assist you with your questions about South Lake Village - Eton City.

[ First posted on 03/24/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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