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Have you ever wondered how to convert PPT files to JPG images?

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Here's one way you can go about doing this. First, you will need to convert your PPT presentation into a PDF file. One software that can do this for you is's PDF Factory Pro. The settings I use when it comes to printing PowerPoint slides is: Slide Format (or 1 slide per page).

Next, you can use a program such as Smart PDF Converter Pro to convert your PDF file into a series of jpegs -- one page in your PDF equals one jpg image file. The setting I use is "9" for the quality, and 150dpi for the resolution.

What happens is you'll end up with a series of 1649 x 1274 images containing text (if you used bullets in your PPT slides) that are not anti-aliased (in other words, the text looks jagged). If you then resize those large jpgs into something smaller (i.e., 400 x 300), the text will look acceptably anti-aliased.

What's the point of converting PPT slides into JPG images? You might wish to organize these into some sort of flash slideshow, complete with music and narration. While there are programs that allow you to directly convert PowerPoint presentations into a flash movie, the PPT to PDF to JPG route will give you more flexibility over what kinds of editing software to use.

Another use involves sharing files with people who do not have a copy of MS Office or MS PowerPoint. Most likely, they will have some kind of installed graphics program or viewer capable of displaying JPG files.

[ First posted on 12/21/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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