Acer Aspire One

Been thinking about getting the Acer Aspire One?

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It's nice and light, and costs about P18,800 in some computer stores in the Philippines. Still, you might wonder if anyone has written reviews or provided feedback regarding its performance. Among the popular brands you'll hear in the Philippines are MSI Wind or the Asus Eee PC.

But what about the Acer Aspire One?

Well, it looks like files will be corrupted if the power suddenly cuts off. So watch those battery levels, ok? In case you do experience some problems, here are possible solutions:

Linpus Linux Lite, No network manager or internet (Acer Aspire One)
Did your WiFi icon in the taskbar vanish? Are you unable to connect with ethernet or wi-fi after just a few hours of use? And does clicking on "Network Connections" in Settings fail to solve the problem? You'll need to do a full system recovery.

You'll need another computer with a DVD drive and a USB, so that you can transfer the recovery program from the Acer Recovery DVD onto a usb thumb drive. You'll then insert that thumb drive into your Acer Aspire One (since it does not come with a DVD drive).

If you use this UMPC mainly for internet or online purposes, and don't save data into its hard disk (because you save your data online), then this recovery process shouldn't be too much of a hassle. I still haven't found info, however, about how often this disappearing WiFi icon occurs.

On another note, there's a version that runs on XP (1GB/120MB).

Anyway, I'll do more research about the Acer Aspire One to help me on this search for a good UMPC.

[ First posted on 08/29/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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