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On the web, you'll find several reviews of Firepow, the latest offering of Andrew Hansen.

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Firepow is being positioned as some kind of mini-site generator or blog creation system, that allows you to easily add things like plugins... automatically. This appeals to people who want to easily roll out several blog sites without breaking a sweat.

Firepow also has a social submitter tool which allows you to rapidly gain backlinks from as many as 40 social sites. How's that for instant traffic, right?

Well... not exactly.

If you're trying to gain traffic or SEO points with the help of backlinks from social bookmarking sites, the search engines are already on to you. And even if you try to balance things out and bookmark not just your sites but also a whole bunch of other related sites, some search engines can sense if you're just trying to artificially manipulate your SEO rankings.

In other words, if you're interested in Firepow because of its social submitter tool, please don't expect it to remain effective over the long term.

The "Personal Secretary" feature of Firepow is sort of like a handy to-do list which reminds you to submit your blog to directories, or your posts to certain social sites. (Again, please keep in mind the short-term benefits of this kind of self-promotion.)

Another aspect of Firepow which we need to track are its traffic-building capabilities. By this we mean tactics that are not directly related to Web 2.0 or social bookmarking tips. Perhaps when July 2 rolls along, we'll have a better picture.

From early indications, it looks like Firepow users will get one-way backlinks from a network of "thousands of blogs." Yes, this is an artificial way of gaining search engine juice, so you can expect this to be a rather short-term tactic.

(The benefits could be long-term if only a few people use it. Realistically speaking, though, about a hundred people will try this technique, which makes its effectiveness rather short-term. Which is fine for quite a number of folks, mind you.)

I wonder, though, if Firepow had some of its beginnings from the Niche Empire Generator. Anyway, let's see how things go in early July. In the meantime, see what Andrew Hansen has to say about Firepow.

[ First posted on 06/29/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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