Gas Saving Tips

With soaring gasoline prices, people have come up with tips on how to save gas.

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1. Get gas in the early morning.

When the temperature is cool, gasoline is denser. In a way, it's like you're getting more bang for the buck. If you get gas in the hot afternoon, you'll end up paying more.

2. Get gas when the delivery tanker is not around.

Do you see those gasoline tankers replenishing the fuel of the gas stations? The hi-speed pump stirs up the dirt or sludge in the station's storage tanks. That dirt can get in your car if you get gas while those tankers are around.

3. Fill-up when your gas tank is half-full.

The less gas you have in your tank, the more space there is for gas vapors. When you open your gas tank, the vapors will just escape. By filling-up at the half-way level, you restrict the amount of free space in your tank, thus minimizing the wastage caused by vapor loss.

4. Avoid overfilling your tank.

In the Philippines, the gasoline attendant will ask: "Automatic, Sir? O sagad?" which means: "Do you want me to stop when the automatic sensor clicks the pump off? Or do you want me to top off your tank?"

If you top off your tank, you'll notice that the attendant will lightly tap the pump handle and let a trickle of gasoline slowly fill your tank to the brim. Well, guess what? You'll end up paying for the gas that has still accumulated in the long hose of the pump.

Anyway, try these gas-saving tips and minimize your fuel expenses.

[ First posted on 06/17/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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