Niche Annihilation Method

Why is Rob Benwell revealing his niche marketing secrets in Niche Annihilation Method?

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First of all, niche annihilation refers to dominating the search engines for a certain niche topic. For example, if you do a search in Google for "betta fish", you don't want to occupy just the first position or rank. You want to occupy all ten positions on the first page, if possible.

And one way to do that would be to create ten different web sites, each of which is focused on a particular niche keyword.

You'll also need to attract backlinks to your 10 sites, so that search engines such as Google will deem your sites worthy of being ranked in the search engine results. You can do that with the help of article marketing, where you post articles in certain directories. Your article will contain a link back to your niche site, and that link counts as an incoming backlink.

So why is Rob Benwall baring (almost) everything, even to the extent of revealing some of his niche web sites? He knows that the barrier of entry is high. It's not easy for us to simply go and copy Rob.

But if you're willing to give it a try, then...

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[ First posted on 03/04/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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