Houses For Rent In The Philippines

It's not part of Philippine culture for homeowners to advertise that their house is for rent.

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No, the typical Pinoy will not place an ad in the newspaper, nor will he put up a web site or advertise in some blog.

The typical Pinoy will attach a rectangular sign on the gate of the house which reads:

"House For Rent - 09XX XXX XXXX"

And if you understand this aspect of Philippine culture, you will find someone who will walk around the neighborhood of your choice, scouting for these "For Rent" signs. You might be surprised how many you'll find in just a couple hours of strolling about in an area filled with apartments and even townhouses.

A good candidate would be a place frequented by various modes of public transportation: tricycle, jeepneys, FX or vans, and even buses. If the community is located near a public market, then your chances of finding a house for rent in the Philippines will be much higher.

If you are a foreigner, I would not recommend that you go walking around searching for those house-for-rent signs. It is better if you let a local (whom you trust) to do that for you. Much better even if your trusted friends do the searching as a couple (man and woman), because it somehow makes the caretaker more receptive to their questions.

Usually, however, your questions will be answered if you call the phone number posted in the sign.

That should not deter your team, however, from ringing the bell and inquiring. The caretakers will usually allow you to inspect the house that's being offered for rent. If you do go inside, remember to check everything: the windows, drip marks or water stains on the ceiling, the flushing mechanism of the toilet, the doors... everything.

There's one thing, though, that you might have difficulty checking: the history of the house.

For example, if the house looks "old" or pretty much lived in, why is the owner having it rented out? Why doesn't the owner live in it, especially if he or she is still in the Philippines? Did something happen in that house that the owners wish to forget?

Afterall, if the house rent is highly affordable, you might ask... why?

Anyway, good luck with your house hunting here in the Philippines! :-)

[ First posted on 02/23/2008 by Manuel Viloria ]

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