Email Security and Wiretapping

Are you being wiretapped? Or are you just being set-up via email?

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I got this email recently:

i work in a private detective agency. my name is not important now.
I'm warning you that i'm going to watch you and monitor your telephone line.
Do you want to know who paid for shadowing you? Expect my next e-mail.

P.S. I know, you don't believe me. But i think that the record of your yesterday's telephone conversation will assure you
that everything is real. The record is in archive. The password is 123qwe

The attached file was call234.rar, and GMail indicated that it could not be scanned for viruses, malware, or spyware.

Most likely, this compressed file is password-protected. Some people try to hide viruses in zip or compressed files, and then password protect those files to prevent anti-virus software from scanning them.

Afterall, if you don't know a compressed file's password, how can you even open it, right?

But the email does mention the password, which means the sender wants you (and not the antivirus programs) to open it.

So most likely, the file is infected. All we have to do now is simply delete the email before the compellingly-written message tempts us to open the attachment.

Here's to increase email security, and may we not be fooled by these messages about wiretapped phone lines.

[ First posted on 11/09/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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