Email and Cell Phone Tandem

Here's how to set up your email so that you can receive messages in both your Inbox and cell phone.

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I'm assuming you already have an existing Yahoo email account which you check every now and then, and that you also have your own domain name.

1. Create a new GMail account (i.e.,

2. Create your desired email address at your chosen domain name (i.e.,

3. Configure to autoforward mail to both your cell phone and your GMail account.
See Email2Phone - www.mail2.PH

4. Configure GMail so that it automatically forwards email to your Yahoo account.

5. Set the "Reply-To" address in your Yahoo account to

From now on, you'll simply log into Yahoo to check your email, which is probably what you've been doing all this time.

However, when you log into Yahoo mail and compose a new email message or reply to a message, your recipients will see that the email you're sending them is coming from

When they reply to your message, their email program will send their reply to

Since you have set your domain name (i.e., to forward messages to both your cell phone and your GMail account, you will be instantly informed each time you receive an email.

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of webhosting and email control, without having to change your habit of logging into Yahoo.

And since you have configured GMail to forward copies to your Yahoo account, you will still receive replies to messages which you composed when you were logged into Yahoo. Yes, even if your new Reply-To address is no longer an address.

Please note, however, that it is better not to post in web sites, comment areas, or other public places online. Otherwise, you'll end up getting a lot of unwanted messages (if you know what I mean), and your cell phone will keep beeping as the SMS text email notifications come in.

[ First posted on 11/01/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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