Pay Your Phone Bills Via Your Cell Phone

You can pay your PLDT phone bill using your cell phone and SmartMoney.

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If you have linked your cell phone to your PLDT SmartMoney card, simply go to your SmartMoney menu, pay your bills, and key in the billercode 05012.

That's the code corresponding to your PLDT bill.

Do you see what's happening here? PLDT is trying to get the Philippine market used to the concept of using your cell phone to pay for bills and purchases. Perhaps someday, you won't need to carry too much cash in your physical wallet.

This also presents an opportunity to internet marketers.

Since people can now easily surf to various web sites using their cell phone, and since it is possible to pay for items via SMS text, accepting payments online via the cell phone is now highly possible. In some cases, you can even reduce the reliance on the web and still do e-commerce.

But that's for a different post. Stay tuned!

[ First posted on 11/01/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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