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It's about time Pinoys try vlogging, or video blogging. So why are you hesitating?

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You know how some Filipinos can be: shy, self-effacing, mahiyain. Most of us tend to receive compliments with awww-shucks and not-really's instead of the Western "thank you." And if you point a video cam about us, don't be surprised to see a hand or shirt or handkerchief shielding one's face.

So let's take the a-typical Filipino: a blogger. Imagine, someone willing to expose oneself online. Through the written word at that!

That's enough to send most Pinoys scampering away. The lack of confidence in writing or in speaking English is evident. You'll find numerous disclaimers at the start of this or that blog entry, or self put downs in blog comments.

No wonder Pinoy vlogging hasn't taken off. People are scared to express their thoughts, and are petrified about showing their faces online.

But that's clinging too much to old perceptions. Ancient misconceptions even.

  • Who says your video has to have your face?

  • Who says you need a video camera?

  • Who says still photos do not a video make?

  • Who says you need to speak in a video?

Yes, I know. You've seen wonderful video blogs and you feel that you can't measure up. You worry about your equipment, your creativity, what other people will say, what your parents will do...

Well, guess what? Pinoy video blogger Cokskiblue is trying to drum up interest in vlogging over at (the new home of his former Vlogspot... I mean, Blogspot site).

The campaign is called uBlog, iVlog! and participants may even win a free promo video for their blog. How cool is that? Well, if you've seen some of Coy's stuff at you'll realize that Coy's video skills may help drive traffic to your blog.

I'll be adding a sample video here. No, I won't use a video cam. I'll just use some royalty-free music and photos.

Photos. As in, taken using a digital camera. Ever notice that while Filipinos feel queasy when being videoed, all inhibitions fly out the window when someone whips out a camera and yells "Group Picture!"?

Pinoys like having their photos taken. Filipinos love photos!

Perhaps, from there, we can spark some interest in vlogging or, in less scary terms, photo storytelling.

UPDATE: Here is Groovlogging: A Pinoy Vlogging Slideshow.

TIP: Video Blogging Secrets

Anyway, I'll be posting a sample video here before Coy's deadline. Stay tuned!

Here's the transcript of that slideshow:

Do you remember those old slide shows when you were a young student? Your teacher would clickety-clack a humming slide projector, and she would talk about each photo as it stayed frozen on the screen.

Still photos. Not moving.

Not video?

Well, you can make your photos move.

You can record your voice.

You can add music.

And tell a story.

And if you're a Pinoy blogger, you already have what it takes to be a vlogger.

It's sometimes fun to revisit the past, modify it, and create a colorful and vibrant present.

Welcome to the groovy world of Pinoy vlogging.

(Want to upload your videos to some place other than YouTube? Check out, where you can upload videos even via email!)

[ First posted on 10/30/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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