Shangri-La Dining - August 2007

Here's what you can eat at Shangri-La in August 2007.

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(For inquiries and reservations, please call Restaurant Reservations and Information Centre at +63.2 840 0884 or +63.2 813 8888 ext. 7588/7599)

There's a Lobster Feast at Inagiku, as Chef Kimito Katagiri prepares delicious lobster recipes that will thrill your palate. Imagine feasting on a generous portion of Live Lobster Sashimi and Special Lobster Maki. Or enjoy the rich flavors of Grilled Lobster with Sea Urchin sauce.

You can also choose from a wide selection of delicious Yellowfin tuna, thanks to the chefs at the Japanese Action Station available in at the Circles Event Cafe. Try their Seared Tuna with Wasabi Sauce, Cajun Tuna with Mango-Papaya Salsa, and Tuna Nicoise.

Or discover the exciting fresh and rich flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. Check out the Beef with Lemongrass and Mushrooms, as well as the Carp Cooked in Coconut Milk. Discover Vietnam is available from August 1 to 15, 2007 at the Cirlcles Event Cafe.

For sausage lovers, try these wonderful sausage creations at Conway's from August 12 to 26, 2007: Frankfurter (with Lentil Soup and bacon bread), Wienerli accompanied with New Potato Salad, and the Grilled Veal Bratwurst with Mashed Potato and Onion Sauce.

There's also the Mid-Autum Festival at the Shang Palace from August 27 to September 25, 2007. Savor the rich variety of mooncakes as you welcome the rise of the mid-autumn harvest moon. These specialty mooncakes are filled with red bean, milk cream, yam paste, and lotus paste. You can either enjoy these sweet after-meal desserts at the Shang Palace, or have them wrapped in elegant boxes as gifts for your family, friends, and even business associates.

Speaking of desserts, try the Turkish Delights at Sinfully Circles. Get intimate with the ancient Turkish adage that "to eat sweetly is to speak sweetly." These desserts are prepared by Makati Shangri-La's Turkish Executive Pastry Chef Yusuf Yaran: Baklava with pistachio, Irmik helvasi Semolina halva with pine nuts, Kabak tatlisi Pumpkin in syrup with cloves or Un kurabiyesi Turkish butter cookies.

(For inquiries and reservations, please call Restaurant Reservations and Information Centre at +63.2 840 0884 or +63.2 813 8888 ext. 7588/7599)

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