Multiquence Device ID Error

My Multiquence version 2.54 was acting up.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Multiquence is software that allows you to sequence videos, images, and different sound files. It allows you to fade in or fade out any of those elements, so that the scenes blend into one another. You can use it to create your own music videos if you wish.

Whenever I would load an AVI file, or even a simple JPG file, I would get the "A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system" error message after I click on the playback button. Then the error would remain in the status bar until I finally exit from's Multiquence program.

I tried checking my Control Panel > Sound Management settings, and noticed that some of the devices set for audio recording or playback were incorrect. Yet even after I adjusted those, Multiquence would still give me the same error.

I was thinking of rebooting the computer (just in case the computer still remembered the previous incorrect audio settings), but discovered that there is a newer version of the software: Multiquence version 2.55

I downloaded it, installed it over the old version, re-entered my previous user id and license keys, and happily saw that Multiquence now works.

So if you're having device id problems, please check if you have the latest version of your software. (Although I don't understand why it worked perfectly just a week ago.)

Here's an example of what Multiquence can do for you:


[ First posted on 06/27/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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