Math Homework Problems

Just a few math word problems to agitate your brain cells.

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These questions are asked in the 2nd year high school level:

1. The ratio of Albert’s age to Boyet’s age is 5:7. In how many years will their ages be in the ratio of 4:5?

2. The squares of two consecutive odd numbers differ by 88. What are the numbers?

3. If a man walks to his factory at 6km/hr, he arrives 3 minutes before the time. If he walks at 5km/hr, he arrives 1 minute late. How far is his house from the factory?

Let's get started...

1. Let x = number of years in the future.
(5+x)/(7+x) = 4/5
Solve for x.

2. Let x = an odd number.
Therefore, (x+2) = the next odd number.

(x+2)^2 - x^2 = 88
Solve for x.

3. Recall that Distance = Rate x Time

Let D = the distance from the house to the factory, which is the same whether the man walks at 6km/hr or 5km/hr. What differs is how long it takes the man to reach the factory.

That difference is 4 minutes, or 4/60 or 1/15 of an hour.

Therefore, if t represents the time in hours,

6t = 5(t + 1/15)
t = 1/3 of an hour

6(1/3) = 2 km

It takes the man 20 minutes to cover the 2 km distance if he walks at 6km/hr, and 24 minutes if he walks at 5km/hr.

Why doesn't he just leave his house a minute earlier? Sheesh! :-)

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[ First posted on 06/22/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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