Treviso: Living It Up in Quezon City

Treviso is a high-end community that will rise in Quezon City.

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Typically, house and lot packages in the the Philippines range from PhP1.5 million to PhP 4.0 million. Treviso, on the other hand, offers packages in the PhP 8.0 million to PhP 12.0 million range.

I wonder what's brewing in Quezon City. Does this herald a move back towards the north?

Perhaps Filinvest realizes that something is afoot. Typically, developments move toward the south and east, with houses handily fetching half the prices of Treviso. Or is this a case of look where the market is going, and then head in the opposite direction?

One thing that remains similar, though, is this penchant for Italian-sounding communities, with two-level houses (and don't forget the balcony).

With the strengthening peso (or is it the weakening dollar?), will OFWs funnel their money into Philippine real estate? Let's see how things go...

Here's how to get detailed cost information about Treviso:

We respect your privacy and will not share your contact info with anyone. The property consultant's contact info is included in the message that will be sent to you, so you can directly get in touch with them if you prefer.

[ First posted on 06/17/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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