Message Centre Numbers

If you're surprised because your cell phone says "No Message Centre Number Defined", don't panic.

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Here are some message centre number settings I've found:

Globe Telecom: +639170000130
PLDT SMART: +63910000101 (I wonder why this has only 11 digits)
Sun Cellular: +639220001501

Sometimes, your cell phone will ask you for the message centre number (if it got inadvertently erased). I experienced this when moving Messages from the phone's memory to an external memory card. When asked if I wanted the entries moved and erased from the phone's memory, I chose "yes."

Afterwards, when checking for the messages in my inbox, the error message that appeared said something to the effect that the external memory card could not be accessed, and that the phone's memory will be used instead. Naturally, the previously saved messages were no longer there. And neither was the previously stored "Message Centre Number."

As a result, if you try to send an outgoing SMS text message, you'll be asked for the MC number.

Nokia N70: How To Change Message Center settings

Select 'Menu'
Select 'Messaging'
Select 'Options'
Select 'Settings'
Select 'Text Message'
Select 'Message Centres'
Highlight the SMART/GLOBE/SUN
Select 'Options'
Select 'Edit'
Highlight Msg. centre number
Select 'Options'
Select 'Change'
Type in the number (* key = +)

The different cell phone models have different ways of setting the MC number. Please consult your phone's instruction manual for that.

[ First posted on 03/15/2007 by Manuel Viloria ]

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