Mainstream Fiction Writing Workshop (Nov/Dec 2006)

By the end of the writing workshop, fictionists will have written an initial draft of a mainstream short story or/and an initial chapter and outline of a mainstream novel.

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Irish Patatas Entertainment and the chips ... Creative Skills Enhancement present

Mainstream Fiction Writing Workshop
Nov 25, Dec 2, 9
3 Sessions: 6 hrs each (18 hrs total)
Fee: P 5,000

Facilitator: JL Caiņa
Published Mainstream Fiction
Writer/Scriptwriter/TV Analyst

- Genre Fictions/Novellas (Tagalog Pop Novellas, Romances & Young Adult Novels)
- Mainstream Short & Long Story
Mode of Instructions: English, Tagalog

For Registration And Other Info Please Contact:
E-mail: artzy_chips (at) yahoo (dot) ie

DAY 1 - Elements Of Fiction
1. Measuring Cup of Fiction - Aristotle's The Poetics
2. The Pitch: Idea Generation
3. Premise Construction
4. Short Story vs. Novel
5. Story Types That Sell
7. Getting to know the Big P - Plot
8. Building Chains - Plot Outline
9. Plot vs. Story
10. Rearrangement & Design: The Story Outline
11. Moods In Fiction
12. The Era Of Movies: Fast Pace Plot
13. Exposition, Conflict, Struggle, Resolution
14. Pop The Bubble: Misconceptions And Mistakes in Fiction Writing

DAY 2- Ready, Set, Go!
1. Mainstream vs. Literary Writing
2. Chapter & Scene Breakdown
3. Viewpoint
4. Keys to Killer Beginning
5. Show vs. Tell
6. Leitmotifs In Fiction
7. Subplots, Multiple plots
8. Character & Plot
9. Character Development
10. The 3-Acts Structure

DAY 3 - Scene Sculpture
1. When is a scene a scene?
3. Do/Don't Begin at the Beginning
4. Setting
5. Length: A Little Boy's Attention Span
5. When it Ends
6. Scene Focus
7. Plant-Payoff
8. Characters Eye-to-eye
9. Keys To Effective Dialogue
10. Era Of TV: Cliffhanging
11. Sex Scenes
12. Action Scenes
13. Comic Scenes
14. Ending
15. Revising
16. The Markets

For Registration And Other Info Please Contact:
E-mail: artzy_chips (at) yahoo (dot) ie

Keep on learning and improve your writing today!

[ First posted on 11/03/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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