Healthy Snack Food: Kettle Foods Potato Chips

The understated packaging caught my eye in the supermarket -- a healthy potato chip?

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Kettle Foods ( sells potato chips with zero trans fat. I tried the "Honey and Dijon" and "Cheddar Beer" flavors, and discovered that they taste quite mature. My kids found them "okay."

Anyway, I visited one of their sites which is dedicated to fans of Kettle Foods, and tried their Find Your Flavor personality test. I admire their brand/marketing people for creating a test which matches different potato chip flavors with their customers' personalities.

Plus, they even give a copy/paste code so that more people with web sites can display the results of their tests. Here are some results of tests taken by people here at home:

Salt and Pepper

I am the Yin Yang of Spice

Ah, grasshopper, how little my friends understand me sometimes. I perceive the inherent duality of the world -- good/bad, light/dark, up/down, salty/peppery -- but am not fooled into taking sides. I am justice and balance personified. I know how to live with contradictions and have a love of paradox. My friends like me for my ability to expound on the "is" of "is-ness." I know that life is about being here now.

Yogurt and Green Onion

I am Cool, Creamy & Green

I'm cool. Yeah. I know it. Laid back, easy-going and breezy. Nothing ruffles my feathers. I'm the one everyone wants around in a crisis. I keep my head about me. I may even walk around like I own this place. Underneath my cool exterior, though, is a passionate, self-possessed person who knows what's right and what's good.

They even put the some of the names of those who participated in an online "People's Choice Awards" on the packaging of their "Cheddar Beer" chips!

So, even if I personally find the flavors quite mature (who wants to eat chips by themselves, right?), I admire Kettle Foods for their online consumer marketing expertise.

[ First posted on 10/28/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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