Funny Pinoy Videobloggers

There's a renaissance of comedic Pinoy videoblogging of sorts.

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And the people behind it are Gerry Alanguilan and Edgar "Nyek" Tadeo.

(For those of you wondering why they can't access Gerry's, try it without the www, as in

Ed Tadeo's videoblogs are improving. One quick fix is to add more light. It's better to video yourself near a window, rather than in a dark room. Anyway, meet Ed's clone:


Gerry Alanguilan is naturally humorous. Even if he hasn't said anything, you'll find yourself laughing:


In Gerry's third videoblog, he adds music and even introduces slow-mo segments for that dramatic effect.

Here's the summary of videoblogging tips:

1. Use lots of light. Natural light (sunlight) is great.

2. Use slow motion to transform an otherwise "normal" scene into something emotional or heart-rending (naks!)

3. Try to overcome your shyness. Imagine that instead of talking to yourself in front of a camera, you're actually talking to a friend who looks like a camera.

4. Experiment NOW. No one knows how long the YouTube gravy train will last.

[ First posted on 08/11/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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