SMART Unli40: Unlimited SMS Text

The SMART Load "Unli40" unlimited sms texting promo has been extended to August 23, 2006.

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Now, there's no need for registration and unlimited sms texting (SMART to SMART only) is good for two days.

Plus, you get two 3-minute voice calls. Simply dial *258 + cell phone number of the party your wish to reach.

Also, you get 5 free, no expiry texts to all networks (i.e., Globe, Sun).

By getting your SMART Unli40 from over 800,000 retailers nationwide, you no longer have to wait for 24 hours, because you now only need to wait 5 minutes for activation.

Please note that the unlimited text service is only applicable to person-to-person texting, and may not be used for commercial purposes nor for sending group text messages. Also, a person (not a computer or automated texting program) has to be the one sending the message via their cell phone.

That makes sense. Imagine what would happen if you use your computer to send sms messages with the help of your computer? You might end up broadcasting as high as 10 texts per minute, and that will have an impact on SMART's business model.

No wonder SMART reserves the right to disconnect or cut-off the Unlimited text service of individuals it deems to have violated this.

[ First posted on 07/30/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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