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Matt Callen is giving away free software that instantly creates your website.

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And not only that, your websites will contain the two hottest things in marketing right now, ALL ON THE SAME PAGES. The best thing is free. I don't know how long this free VRE software will remain free, so I'm giving it a try.

(VRE stands for Virtual Real Estate. If you can create enough VREs online, advertisers will want to advertise with you because your VRE sites are able to attract the attention of a lot of people. It's like television and advertising -- shows that attract lots of viewers get to earn more advertising revenue.

Now imagine yourself easily creating all those "shows" or VREs? Now you get the picture...)

I just thought you might want some kind of preview or heads up about this latest offer.

As I use and test this free software, I'll add updates to this page. Stay tuned!

Update #1: The software uses a list of keywords (i.e., words that people search for online), and then generates "fresh, unique, content-rich" webpages.

Update #2: The free VRE software uses "a perfect linking structure to ensure all of your web pages get indexed quickly into the search engines." I'll test this claim and will post the results on this page soon.

Anyway, if you can't wait for the rest of the updates, or even if you're just curious, Get Your Free VRE Software today!

[ First posted on 07/24/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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