Shoemoney and Jeremy's Shoemoney Contest

Jeremy Schoemaker of Shoemoney Marketing Thoughts launched a contest to see if any site can unseat his site's position for the term Shoemoney.

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Several people are trying to rank number one for shoemoney, and even if they're successful, they have to hold that position during the Sundays when Jeremy actually checks the rankings.

Schoemaker's blog focuses on search engine marketing, and his knowledge and insights have turned him into a legend over at the Digitalpoint forums.

Why the excitement over search engine optimization? Imagine, what if you build a web site and no one even finds it? What if it is buried on page 4 of Google's search engine results, for example?

True, you can spend money and buy placement, but nothing beats the satisfaction of being found on the web. That's why a lot of web site administrators and marketers would like to rank high for certain keywords or phrases.

Unless your site is found, your revenue potential will remain heartbreakingly low.

Now Jeremy's Shoemoney blog is a pretty established one, and it will be quite difficult to unseat him from the number one position. That's why this contest is brilliant -- a lot of people will try and will, in effect, give Jeremy additional publicity.

And if no one wins, then that's FREE online publicity for Jeremy and his Shoemoney site. I wonder how long before other bloggers or site owners will inundate the web with search engine ranking contests. I still wonder, though, what he'll do with all that traffic.

Anyway, it will be June 22 in a couple of weeks. Let's see who'll win. I hope Marc Macalua gets to shout: "Shoe me the money!" :-)

[ First posted on 06/02/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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