Valuevision Philippines Telemarketers

Have you ever been called repeatedly by Valuevision Philippines telemarketers?

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I've been repeatedly called by +63.2.8982695 and despite all my polite requests to have my number placed in the "Do Not Call" list, they end up calling me again after a few weeks.

When I asked a certain Ms. Anna Dela Cruz if I need to lodge a complaint with the NTC and the DTI since my "Do Not Call" requests are not heeded, she replied:

"Gawin ninyo po yun." (Please do that)

According to Ms. Dela Cruz, they're just doing their jobs. There are 300 telemarketers in their group, and they are given a list to call. She added that they do forward the "Do Not Call" requests to their superiors, so it is not their fault if those numbers are still in the "Call" list a few weeks later.

I understand the "we're just doing our job" part, but I'm quite surprised about the "go ahead and file a complaint with the NTC" portion. No, she didn't sound arrogant as she was quite mild-mannered when speaking.

You have to hand it to Valuevision, they have a few courteous telemarketers. ;-)

[Got to speak with a certain Ms. Jaylene Viray at +63.2.8961644, and it turns out "Anna" is an encoder. The person who originally called was a certain Weng Villaruel, who then just passed the phone over to "Anna". No wonder "Anna" was quick to agree that I file a complaint with the NTC. Anyway, Ms. Viray promised to place my phone number in the "Do Not Call" list. I hope it works this time.]

[ First posted on 05/30/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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