Back From Bohol

I'm finally back in Manila.

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Spent the past few days in Bohol, so I'll be sorting through some photos taken in the Panglao Island Resort, the Bee Farm, and Miravilla. The e-mail box is bursting, so for those who sent e-mail, please be patient with me. Thanks!

Here's a photo taken at dawn at the Panglao Island Resort (sea-view unit):

Panglao Dawn

Panglao comes from the word Pangao, which is a contraption used to trap fish. Daui is the local term for harvest, and a bountiful harvest is sometimes referred to as Dauis (plural form of Daui).

The Panglao Island Resort is located in Dauis, Bohol.

Before dawn, the early morning sky is so dark (the streetlights of Tagbilaran are not enough to create light pollution) you can see faint stars. If you're used to Metro Manila evening skies, you'll be surprised to see even more stars in Bohol.

The strong dawn wind is quite cold, though, so take a jacket along. Yes, to the beach. And yes, even if it's summer. It will help you hold your camera steadier. ;-)

In the meantime, check out the colorful Panglao Island Flickr Album of photographers Nono Felipe and Tuna Felipe.

[ First posted on 03/28/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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