The Perils of Automatic Blogging

If you're thinking of using certain automated blogging tools, please consider first the following:

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1. Does the auto-blogger tool create accounts for you automatically?

If it does, it probably keeps track of your account username and password. Do you know if the program reports those bits of information back to the creator of the program?

2. Are there terms governing the ownership of the blogs?

What if you wish to stop using the autoblogging software, what happens to the blogs already created? Are they still yours or will they now belong to the creator of the program? (Who probably knows your usernames/passwords)

3. What is the source of your blog's content?

Are these articles you've written yourself? Or data taken from RSS feeds and pre-written articles (which are probably duplicated in other sites)? If you use such kinds of "content" how do you think that will help maintain the relevance of search engines?

Some people looking for high online income are easily tempted by certain blog or automated writing tools. Afterall, why slave and sweat blood to get some words on a screen, when someone or something else can do it for you, right?

True, there can be some short-term success, but imagine what will happen to the web if autoblogging software and bloggers weave their automated voodoo magic? Yes, the web will be filled with synthetic, rehashed content.

Imagine, hundreds of bloggers unleashing hundreds of instant blogs. Who has the time to create such a multitude of websites? Software programs, that's who. Mindless, un-feeling programs.

It's up to you if you want to take the short-term gains. I hope it's enough to compensate for how you'll feel later on.

[ First posted on 03/20/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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