Prepared Childbirth Classes (Chiqui Hahn)

Here's the description of prepared childbirth classes conducted by Chiqui Brosas-Hahn.

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Baby First Aid and Childhood Emergencies
alternating 2nd Sat's of the month
British School of Manila or BSM, Fort Bonifacio, Music Rm.

First treatment given to a casualty that is of at most importance to preserve life, to prevent injury from becoming worse and to promote recovery. Examples are dealing with choking, aspiration, convulsions, wounds & bleeding, treating burns & scalds, broken bones, head and spinal injury from falls, dressing, foreign bodies in the nose, ear, eyes, electrical injuries, poisoning, bites & stings, emergency action plan to be taken, preparing an emergency kit and many more.

Babies 101 (Basic Baby Care)
alternating 2nd Sat's of the month
British School, Fort, Music Rm.

Giving baby a bath, cord & circumcision care, proper & safe way in holding the baby, burping, how to dress the baby, folding & changing diapers, baby's layette, SIDS, test's done at birth, doctors visits, how to tell a sick baby from a well baby, danger signs to watch out for, baby's health timeline & immunization and many more. Breastfeeding clothes available for sale, to be brought to your own home for choosing and picking.

Prepared Childbirth Class
4 consecutive Sun's excluding long holidays, given every month
Santuario De San Antonio, Forbes, Makati Rm. 4 or 6
( special private classes available in your own home )

Classes help the OB's to prepare & answer their pregnant patients many concerns regarding birth and labor. Educate the pregnant couples for the birth experience they expect. Covers the process of labor & birth, comfort measures, positions in labor, relaxation & pregnancy exercises, breathing techniques, postpartum, hospital procedures, role of the coach, medication & intervention, pregnancy, nutrition, newborn & breastfeeding and many more. Cord Blood Banking also available.

Free Breastfeeding Class
4 th Saturday's of the month
SLMC, MAB, 6th fl Penthouse or Library

Classes help couples learn about the basics of breastfeeding, the benefits and common myths, how and what to prepare for breastfeeding, different positions in holding the baby, correct latching and positioning to the breast, burping, how to store breast milk, breast pumps, common problems and many more. Medela breast pumps available for rent and sale (discounted), just text Chiqui Brosas Hahn the model.

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