Blog Attacks

Someone's been attacking Pinoy bloggers.

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I was wondering how long it would take Cathy to catch wind of it, but she finally did and found it amusing (See Hahaha [Tagalog entry]).

Apparently, some "journalist" has been panning several blogs, while praising his own network of blogs.

This journalist-turned-blogger's strategy: critique various Pinoy bloggers and subject them to ad hominem attacks. Enjoy the additional web site traffic as these bloggers rally their fans against the ex-journalist.

The only problem is, the higher traffic bloggers did not link to his site. He, however, linked to their sites. (The links have been removed.)

Here's a traffic-boosting tip: Publish articles that solve a problem or help people online.

Before you know it, there'll be tons of visitors at your site. And, you won't have to post comments there yourself.

Update: MLQ3 is right about linking to sites we write about. So here's a link using javascript (which does not give the destination site Search Engine points), but which which allows you to read the funny entries (the old ones have been deleted):

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[ First posted on 02/09/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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