The Real Use of Online Video

Do you know what online video is truly good for in the year 2006?

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If you think streaming video will help you improve your sales letter or sell more business online, if you've been hypnotized into believing 2006 is the year of video for internet marketing, and if you've ever been told that your talking head against an ever-changing background is cool and will bring buzz and excitement to people online...

...then you're probably living on another planet.

Streaming video in the year 2006 is great for one thing: sheer entertainment.

Mark of ClickMoMukhaMo writes about The Dormitory Boys, a couple of Chinese boys who are gaining popularity on the web for their simple, ad-free music video spoofs.

Sure, some may just scoff at it and say it's shallow. But hey, 150 comments on one entry alone?

(Hmmm... perhaps Vic Sotto should get online. I'm sure he has LOTS of material.)

So if you're still planning to show a "serious" boring talking head video online, go ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you, though. And if you still don't get it, check out the ChronicOfNarnia today.

Having fun is a universal, cross-cultural need. Social video networks are helping make that obvious. It doesn't matter if you live in the East, or sing music from the West. Capture the spirit of fun and entertainment in your videos, and you've got it made.

[ First posted on 01/16/2006 by Manuel Viloria ]

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