What Is Podcasting?

Publish your sound files on the internet, allow people to subscribe to a feed (which helps them automatically download your file to their devices), and that's a podcast.

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It doesn't really matter whether it's a corporate podcast recorded in some expensive studio, or an indie podcast recorded in a living room. Each podcast will attract a certain audience. There's no need to support this or that "kind" of podcast.

That's why I'm not worried about "formal" podcasts filling up the iTunes podcast directory and somehow edging out indie podcasts. Neither am I worried about moneyed podcasters out-spending individuals when it comes to advertising and promoting their "internet radio" shows.

As for podcast pollution, beauty is in the ear of the listener. I don't consider corporate podcasts as some kind of "pollution", because who's to judge, really? Listening is purely voluntary.

(Please try Kid Flash X and Manong Guard's live@usa.ph podcast)

True, too many entries in the iTunes podcast directory may make you less visible. Around 40% of the Viloria.com Pinoy Podcast subscribers subscribed via iTunes. Then again, the number of subscribers does not necessarily equal the number of listeners.

Anyway, whether a recording is made formally or informally, by one person or a duo (or trio), with music or without, by corporates or indie groups, as a diary or a tutorial...

...it's still a podcast if it comes with a feed that people can subscribe to.

Happy listening!

[ First posted on 12/04/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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