Podcasting and Jessica Zafra

An embarrassment of podcasting riches... More Filipinos are now putting their voices online.

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Thanks to Anansi Girl, I found out about Jessica Zafra's first podcast episode.

(NOTE: I've removed the link because it looks like someone hijacked Jessica's blogspot blog.)

If it takes you too long to download her first episode, try:
(rightclick, then Save Link As... or Save File As...)

I got permission from Jessica Zafra to host her Podcast Episode 1 on another (hopefully faster) site.

Anyway, if you have flash you can instantly listen via streaming audio (yup, no need to download):

Microwarehouse is hosting quite a number of Philippine podcasts, which probably explains why it takes quite a while to download those mp3 files.

(Note: We're not related to Microwarehouse President Inch Veloria.)

Among the featured podcasts in Microwarehouse are: Danton Remoto, PCIJ, Pam Pastor, Y Speak (Ryan Agoncillo, Bianca Gonzales), Bam Aquino, Poetry (Kooky Tuason), Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Art Ilano, Adel Gabot, Anton San Diego, Lara Parpan (Marie Claire Magazine), Chinggay Andrada, and many more.

Now if only we could download those podcasts faster.... (Update as of 11/25/2005: Download speed has gone up to about 12.5 KB/sec)

To read:
Harvard Extension School course via podcasts
Free file host list
(just in case Microwarehouse gets bandwidth problems)

Want more of Jessica's podcast? Check out

[ First posted on 11/23/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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