Pekeng Pangulo and Google Bombing

Some people are trying to Google bomb PGMA's site with the phrase "pekeng pangulo".

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Update #3: (11/25/2005)
A daily average of 80 people have been visiting this page after searching for "pekeng pangulo". I find that surprisingly high. Perhaps the one who claims to be the site admin is right when s/he emails me that their site gets an additional 2,000 to 3,000 visitors daily nowadays. No wonder they're not redirecting all that traffic to back to the Young Radicals' site (unlike the Ignacio Bunye page).

To MLQ3 and other politics-oriented site admins: "pekeng pangulo" searches are now 70% of the PBB searches.

Update #2:
Google bombing on Arroyo and officials backfire
The Inquirer picked this up? Anyway, looks like the webmasters of Ignacio Bunye's profile page have figured out how to redirect visitors back to the Young Radicals' web site if they visited Bunye's page after doing a search for "sinungaling" in Google.

Update #1:
Someone who claims to be the admin of sent feedback that web site traffic is now 400 higher than the daily average. 400 hits, visits, unique visits? We don't know. From Google or from non-search web sites? Again, we don't know. Methinks it's mostly the curiosity crowd.

Google bombing involves convincing several web site owners to put a link to a particular web site, and to use the same phrase within the link. The objective is to make the target web site the number 1 result in Google when you search for that particular phrase.

("Pekeng Pangulo" is Tagalog for "Fake President")

George W Bush's biography web page, for example, was Google bombed with the phrase "miserable failure". (BBC News)

Found out from John Marzan's Pekeng Pangulo post that the Young Radicals site (Oct 29 entry) is calling anti-PGMA forces to google bomb the site with "pekeng pangulo".

Max Limpag wrote that "activists should consider taking the protest against President Arroyo to online social networks and using Google bombing."

I wonder what that will achieve.

Perhaps if this gets enough media attention, more people will actually search Google for "pekeng pangulo" just to see if PGMA's site ranks #1 in the search results?

If you use the Overture Keyword Selector Tool, you'll discover that there were 15,397 searches made for "miserable failure" in the month of September 2005.

The same tool shows 66 searches for "mga pangulo ng pilipinas" (Philippine presidents).

I wonder how many will search for "pekeng pangulo".

I do know, though, that the site administrator will be able to see from their web stats how many people visited their site after searching for that Google bomb phrase.

It will probably be a small number given the low internet penetration in the Philippines.

So, what exactly will Google bombing achieve in this particular case? Perhaps it will earn some online revenues for those who registered the domain name ? ;-)

[ First posted on 11/17/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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