Pinoy Podcast Listeners

For the past two weeks, here are the countries listening to the Pinoy Podcast.

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1. United States (45.7% of total hits)
2. Philippines (30.5%)
3. Australia (4.5%)
4. Canada (3.5%)
5. Taiwan, province of China (2.8%)
6. Peru (2.6%)
7. Singapore (1.9%)
8. United Arab Emirates (1.4%)
9. Uruguay (1.0%)
10. Hong Kong (0.9%)

Other countries include: Israel, United Kingdom, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Indonesia, Qatar, France, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, Oman, Norway, and Portugal.

To all our listeners, thank you!

» Episode 8: Pilipino English
Read the show notes and download the mp3 file of the 8th episode of the Pinoy Podcast. Alternatively, you can listen to the streaming audio version using the flash playlist towards the bottom of this page.

(Some people have registered the domain names pinoypodcast and pinoypodcasts dot com. Looks like there's some kind of branding effort going on. I'm trying to turn that phrase into a generic one, so that all Pinoy podcasters can make use of it.)

[ First posted on 11/07/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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