Podcasting and Radio Habits

Will podcasting take off in the Philippines? Will Pinoys bother listening to podcasts?

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Here's a sample conversation with an avid radio listener:

What do you listen to?

I listen to Double-A Sa Double-B and Jimmy Gil Live at DZBB.

Why do you listen to AM radio?

There's nothing else to do while driving; besides, the programs are interesting, especially the funny remakrs of JGL and the Balitawit/Rap-rapan songs of Arnold Clavio and Ali Sotto.

If you missed a show, would you like to listen to an mp3 recording of that missed show?

Nope. I only listen while I'm in the car.

What if I played that mp3 file inside the car, would you listen to it?

Nope. I'd miss the current show.

So, folks. Do you think lots of Filipinos will bother listening to a podcast or an mp3 file recording of a radio show?

Here are possible scenarios:

1. Have Catholics listen to a Pastoral Letter read by "one" voice. Instead of the priest reading the letter out loud, he can play the mp3 file over the sound system.

2. The leader of an organization can deliver his speech "live" through an mp3 file which the members of the org can listen to using their cell phones.

Wait a minute. That sounds like a lot of effort. If people won't bother listening to a radio when they're outside their car, why would like bother listening to your podcast when they're away from their computers?

Perhaps if your podcast were entertaining, they would.

What about "useful" content? Probably not, because that would require your listener to focus and exert effort. For example, try listening to a class lecture while riding the MRT.

Podcasting will most likely not take off in the Philippines. Unless someone produces comedic episodes of Darna or superheroes (calling Rex Navarrete!), or perhaps the audio diary of some of the housemates in Pinoy Big Brother? Or even relaxing music blended with motivational / inspirational messages?

The possibilities are endless. Good luck with your podcast content! :-)

Pinoy Podcast News

The Sini-Gang Podcast can now be reached via www.SINI-GANG.com

Has Jeric's Confessions run out of podcast bandwidth?

Fr. Stephen Cuyos' Cuying Podcast is under maintenance. Does this mean he will add more podcast episodes?

[ First posted on 10/18/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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