Update on Virgin Coconut Oil Experiment

I was surprised to find out some readers were interested in whatever happened to my virgin coconut oil experiment.

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After consuming 1/3 of the 150ml bottle of Splash Corp's Theraherb sweet corn-flavored virgin coconut oil, I decided to read the instructions again.

Ack! The recommended daily intake is 2-3 tablespoons. I had been taking 1-2 teaspoons.

Anyway, I shifted to 1 tablespoon, and then to two. Nothing weird happened. Slight tummy ache which would last no more than 15 minutes, but other than that there was no change.

Days rolled by and I neared the bottom of the 150ml bottle. I thought what the heck, so I took three tablespoons of VCO one evening instead of the usual two. I reasoned that I'd been taking two tablespoonfuls for several evenings so what's one extra spoonful, right?

I mean, the bottle said two to three, right?

Well, around 3 hours after I took the slightly larger dose of VCO, I discovered how foolish I had been. Two trips to the bathroom and I decided to stop taking VCO for a while.

I recovered after just one day, enjoyed 3 days of zero tummy aches, and then decided to try Theraherb flavored virgin coconut oil again. Only this time, I was going to try langka or jackfruit-flavored VCO.

After taking just one tablespoon of the stuff, I stopped. I couldn't stand the taste. And my tummy had that slight ache again.

That's enough VCO for me for the moment. The only benefit I got out of this experiment was the pleasant smile I had a few seconds after taking the sweet corn-flavored VCO.

I hope your VCO experience is better than mine. :-)

[ First posted on 10/14/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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