Pinoy Podcast: Kwento, Kwento

Ben Pimentel shares the experiences of Pinoys through a podcast called "Kwento Kuwento: Tales And Conversations From The Filipino Experience."

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In the podcast episode entitled From Samar to Norway, you'll hear the story of Ruben Gerardo, how he got to Norway and what he does there, as well as his hopes for the future.

The interview contains both English and Tagalog, which makes me consider it a Tagalog podcast.

On the technical side, when I click on an mp3 link using Firefox, some QuickTime player appears on the screen and the podcast plays. In the case of Kwento Kwento, however, a download box appears. I don't know why this is happening. Perhaps it has something to do with

Anyway, if you are curious about the lives of Filipinos, check out Kwento Kwento. (Kwento is Tagalog for "story". When you double it, as in Kwento Kwento, it loosely translates to "light banter" or a casual conversation among friends.)

Pinoys love to talk. Go to the mall and look for a crowd gathered near some television screen, and you'll hear total strangers engaging in "Kwento Kwento" if the show being displayed involves politics, for example.

If you're a podcaster in the Philippines, you'll not have difficulty finding someone to interview: a taxi driver, a cigarette vendor, people hanging out in the mall, or even a barber. Perhaps that's the quickest way to get Pinoy voices online. Most Filipinos may not have access to the internet, but they do have access to your ears (and your microphone), right?

Happy podcasting, folks!

[ First posted on 10/13/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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