Pinoy Big Brother

What else keeps lots of Filipinos glued to their television sets than ABS-CBN's socially popular Pinoy Big Brother reality TV show.

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Put a group of strangers together in a house, cut them off from the rest of the world, broadcast their inner, private lives on national TV, and you get the latest discussion topic to monopolize Pinoy lunchbreaks.

You won't believe how many people shared their opinions regarding the "welcoming" kisses Chx gave to Sam, the doomed-from-the-start relationship of Uma and Cass, the dramatic exit of Jenny, Sey (or as some spell her name, Say) and JB and Racquel and all that.

Yes, Pinoy Big Brother is everywhere: on prepaid cell phone cards, fan blogs, radio programs, barbershop debates... everywhere!

You have your highly polarized fan clubs and rabid sms texters who try and save their favorites from eviction. You also have people speculating on who really is falling for whom. You have lots of people sorely in need of sleep. (Bawasan na ang puyatan, please?)

In the end, Pinoy Big Brother shows that Filipinos are not yet tired of "reality TV" and that having something new to talk about is more exciting than the "old" political issues we see in the papers.

I wonder if PBB will attract more fans than the previous Koreanovelas or teleseryes.
[ First posted on 09/22/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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