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With around 800 members and 13 months later, celebrates another milestone: 40,000 video downloads.

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I'm confused by the press release, though. That's 40,000 video downloads or "40,000 member-created videos have been downloaded and viewed"?

With 800 members that's an average of 50 videos per member?

Anyway, I did a search for a pinoy-related video and found a Vacation video shot in Bantayan, Cebu by a member called vrallon.

Looks like he was experimenting. Record video snippets, sequence them, add an audio track as your music background, and instant music video. Imagine, 40000 of those were downloaded? That's a lot of friends and relatives.

Indie films are easy to produce because digital videos are quite inexpensive compared to the traditional film. Since it's easy to do, lots of people will most like try it out. As a result, you'll have an explosion of video blogging.

I wonder, however, how popular these indie films/videos will be.

I watched Pusang Gala [Stray Cats] (starring the arresting Irma Adlawan and Ricky Davao). Although I enjoyed watching the performance of Irma Adlawan (Ricky Davao performed better in American Adobo) especially when she breaks down and cries, I found myself wishing the movie's story had something more to offer...

Indie film. Indie ako natuwa. Indie ko nagustuhan.

Well, just like video blogging, there's always the support of your friends and relatives. So go out a make those videos and indie films, folks!
[ First posted on 08/18/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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