Jawbreaker: The Philippines Is Worthless

This one's been circulating in the email. Jawbreaker is a Filipino office worker who no longer wants to pay taxes... ever.

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Here's the Tagalog and English translation of Jawbreaker's letter, plus comments from various Filipinos (with internet access) who mostly agree with the full-of-despair-and-hopelessness letter.

Jawbreaker feels that the poor or the masa of the Philippines is being listened to more by the Philippine government. In the meantime, the middle class (or those who pay taxes and keep the Philippines afloat) are ignored by the politicians.

Here's a reaction to the email exchange:

Kung kilala nyo o may kakilala kayo na kilala si jawbreaker, pakisabi sa kanya -- huwag nang magreklamo. Umalis na lang siya!

Translation: If you know Jawbreaker or if you know somebody who knows Jawbreaker, please tell him/her to stop complaining. Just leave the Philippines!

Here's my take: Feel free to voice your worries and frustrations. If you really don't like the Philippines, are not (or were never) proud to be a Filipino, can't offer any concrete solutions, don't place any value on your country because it's just a name or for whatever reason...

...then resign from your job in the Philippines. Sell your property. Leave. You'll still have internet access outside the country, so you can continue publishing your feelings.

(This does not apply to those forced out of the Philippines due to economic reasons. I know of Filipinos working abroad but who still love their country, their roots, their origin. I guess those people don't have time for online discussions, which explains why we don't seem to see them out here on the web.)
[ First posted on 07/07/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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