Aquarium Maintenance Services

Don't have the time or energy to keep your aquarium or pond clean and beautiful? Do you want to learn more about fish keeping? You are not alone. These are the top two problems and difficulties experienced by people who keep fish as pets.

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Aqualogic Aquatic Ecosystems has the perfect solution for you. They will take care of the mess and hassle of cleaning and maintaining your aquarium or fishpond. You will save time, and your pets will be happy also.

Let them do the dirty work for you. Whatever aquatic system you may have, their qualified and trained professionals will conduct weekly visits to evaluate the health of your fish and the condition of your aquatic system.

Imagine, bringing the beauty of nature inside your homes has never been so easy and effort-free!

Freshwater Aquarium

Transform you aquarium into an underwater garden. Aqualogic Aquatic Ecosystems is renowned for its underwater landscape creations. Their system will be able to perfectly simulate the balance of nature, which is vital to the well-being of your aquatic pets. The freshwater aquarium set-up, with its schools of colorful, healthy fish will enhance the style of any decor, as well as provide you with endless hours of relaxing entertainment.

Saltwater Aquarium

Experience the amazing diversity of coral and marine life with a saltwater system that really works. Aqualogic Aquatic Ecosystems has developed an ingenious system using state-of-the-art equipment. Plus, you will have the expertise and support of their marine consultants. Their tried-and-tested methods from their various projects have proven successful in sustaining marine life inside a coral reef aquarium.

Restaurant Aquarium

Their restaurant aquariums are custom-designed to complement your restaurant's ambience and layout. Aqualogic Aquarium Ecosystems' extensive experience in creating restaurant aquarium systems ensures long lasting durability, trouble-free day-to-day operations and easy maintenance.

The restaurant setups are designed to create an attractive display environment that keeps your seafood investment alive and fresh, and will make your customers order more seafood.


Do you want a fishpond that looks like an oasis of beauty and tranquility? Tap the knowledge and expertise of Aqualogic Aquarium Ecosystems, and they will design for you a sophisticated filtration system that guarantees water cleanliness and clarity. Say goodbye to murky or green water.

As an added service, their licensed landscape architects can transform your garden to match your enchanting professional fishpond.

Aqualogic Aquatic Ecosystems is an authorized distributor of [FREE Delivery and Installation]:

+ Coralife (Synthetic Saltwater Mix, Specialized Fluorescent Lamps)
+ Rio (Powerheads, Circulation Pumps)
+ Teco Refrigeration Technologies (Water Chillers)
+ EHEIM (Canister Filters, Pond Filters, Circulation Pumps, Imported Aquariums)
+ Sera (Fish Food, Synthetic Saltwater Mix, Pond Products, Ultra Violet Sterilizers)

Their other services include:

+ Air pump and motor repair
+ Live fish food delivery (Mealworms, Brine shrimp, Feeder fish, Tubifex worms)
+ Exotic Fish Sales

For more information, please call:
0917-889 0809
Tel. +63.2.744 6692
Fax. +63.2.725 4735

Aqualogic Aquatic Ecosystems, Inc.
15 J. de Mesa St., Little Baguio
San Juan, Metro Manila
[ First posted on 07/06/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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