Philippine Culture and La Visa Loca

If you're interested in Philippine culture, watch the movie "La Visa Loca"

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The movie talks about the life of driver Jess Huson (Robin Padilla) who's struggling to get a U.S. visa, so that he can fly to the US, work as a nurse aide, and be with his girlfriend Annette. The story reveals various aspects about Philippine culture: Holy Week, spiritists, how Pinoys look at tourists, crime and punishment, families broken and mended, AM radio, food, and choices.

If you listen carefully, you'll catch quite a number of jokes. Try not to laugh too loudly. :-)

They have a flash-heavy web site at (link via Jon Limjap)

If you groan "Oh no, not another Robin Padilla film!" then you're in for a surprise. You won't see the usual swaggering macho action star persona. You won't hear the usual slurred, string-your-words-together Padilla.

You'll find an intelligent, relaxed, perfectly-cast Robin Padilla. His performance is "the best in the world!"


Check out Victor's ( entry about La Visa Loca and the pasyon chorus.

Ergoe on La Visa Loca: "Two words, tsong: Watch it!"
[ First posted on 05/30/2005 by Manuel Viloria ]

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